Pauline Masurelís stories have been read aloud on various stages, at bookshops, in a tent, on a boat, in a disused toilet block and even on BBC Radio 4. But donít let that put you off.  Fish up some of her fiction at

Her story The Barbie Nativity, which was first read live for Heads & Tales, is now online in 4' 33" audio magazine. Fantastic Places to Stay, a collection of four prose poems, is scheduled for publication in 2012 by Equinox Publishing in the anthology Classifieds. The Story-blind Princess, first read for Heads & Tales, features in the audio collection at New Fairy Tales. Discovering a Comet is the title story in a collection of micro-fiction published by Leaf Books in November 2008 and, in the same year, The Varnished Truth was shortlisted for the Asham Award.

She has written two audio stories for Heads & Tales and in July 2008 she installed a garden path story for them at The Secret Garden Party festival. You can follow the trail for yourself.