Heads & Tales have been working with residents of Snow Hill and the London Road in Bath. If you don’t know the area, it’s the main access road into the city from the east and can come across as a little bit neglected, a little bit rough around the edges, but it inspires great devotion in many of the people who live there.


We held workshops and encouraged everyone to write pieces inspired by their surroundings. We’ve had some great responses, from the six year old who just wrote ‘I LOVE Snow Hill’ to a participant with some snappy historical facts: apparently, the King of Wessex surrendered to King Canute on the London Road...who’d have thought it? Here's a selection of writing by some of those who took part.

    On my way to the writing workshop by Jaya Shepherd
    How to create a community by Jenny Woodhouse
    and A Pigeon's Flight

Heads & Tales' own writers wandered the streets with their pens and their imaginations to come up with three audio stories, which are free to download and will lead you on an exploration of this hidden corner of Bath. Click here to listen to them.

Our photographer Lisa Fryer took some terrific photographs. You can find them illustrating each story and here are a few more for your delectation.