written and read by Lesley Ann Gittings


Set in the heart of Filton, home of Bristol Aeroplane Company, this story is a day in the life of Ellen, the young wife of an RAF pilot. The date is 25th September 1940. German bombers mount a surprise daytime attack on the manufacturing sheds at the airfield. Ellen's world is about to change forever.

    Gates of Old Filton House. Photo by William Datson



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LIVE LAUNCH  Thursday 23rd September 2010 at Filton Library



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Start outside Conygre House on Congyre Road. Continue up this road towards the heart of Filton, past Warren Road on the left.

Cross over road and up a slight incline, seeing Lower House on the right. See Belle View House ( Now Red House) on the right.

At the T junction with Station Road take the left fork, which is the continuation of Conygre road. See the shops on your left and continue up, the church is on your right.

At the main road (A38) turn left passing shops and up to the main Shield Centre. See the mural commemorating the site of Filton Laundry.

Cross over the A38 at pedestrian lights and walk towards the black iron gates of Old Filton House. Walk right down the hill with BAC office block on your left. Continue down the hill past the Plough Inn until you see the airfield ahead of you and take in the view.

Either cross over the A38 (there is a central reservation) and walk back up the hill see the Golf Shop (site of Turners bakery) and on up the road to Filton Parish Church. Or retrace your steps and take the underpass which brings you to the old entrance of the church by the shops.

You might also like to visit Lady’s Chapel. Inside there is a plaque remembering those who died during the raid. There is a café in the old part of the church which is open in the morning until 1pm.


Heads & Tales thanks South Gloucestershire Council for assistance with the creation of this story, which was recorded by Tony Chamberlain at the studios of Bristol Community FM.  Many thanks to Jane Tozer, the Filton Community History Group and Ruth, for all their help and inspiration. Photograph of the gates of Old Filton House by William Datson.